Corporate Governance

The COH Board

The COH Board provides oversight and guidance to the management and operations of COH.

It comprises of the following;

Bishop  Joshua HK Banda MA PhD – Chairman ( Chairman National Aids Council-Zambia)

Gibstar Makangila MBA MSc – Secretary (National Coordinator–Strategy Consultant)

Dr. Martin Malama MD – member (immediate Past Inspector General of Police Zambia)

Nkungulu Mabvuto BENG – member ( Engineer)

Rev. Raymond Nyirenda BA – member (Pastor NAOG)

David Katepa BA – member (Senior Banker)

Mwenya Bwalya LLB – member ( Legal Counsel – Energy Regulation Board)

Derrick Bwalya  LLB – member (Senior Laywer)

The COH Senior Management Team (SMT)

The COH Senior Management Team comprises the National Facilitator, National Coordinator, National Programs Manager, Head Medical Services and the Finance & Administration Manager.

The SMT provides leadership to the organization and has the primary responsibility for the execution of this Strategic Plan. The National Coordinator occupies the pinnacle of the Strategic Plan execution as he sits at the top of the decision making process. The other members of the Senior Management Team will drive their respective departmental & functional unit’s strategies which will result in the overall strategic goal being realized.

Human Resources Services Administration (HRSA)

COH has been subjected to a Site Capacity Assessment (SCA) assessment tool in 2011by HRSA an agency of the US Government to ascertain the effectiveness of COH’s systems in the Administrative, Finance and Medical Functions and obtained a high score. HRSA report is available for reference.

US Government approved KPMG Audits

COH has undergone US government approved and certified audits by KPMG Auditors for funding years;

2007 – 2008

2008 – 2009

2009 – 2010

2010 – 2011

2011 – 2012

2012 – 2013

2013 – 2014

Audit reports are available for reference.

Strategic Partners CRS & CAF Activities Audits

COH’s strategic funding and implementing partners CRS and CAF have over the past years conducted numerous activity and financial internal audits and provided technical support to COH. This support has been in various areas including Board, Administration, Finance, Medical and Programmes. This has enhanced COH’s institutional capacity and positioned her for growth.