Core Values

Core Values(SCALE ~ T)
We also look to provide among others, medical treatment and care to the infected and affected families.

Core Values(SCALE ~ T)
  1. Service – offered to all without partiality, bias in a predictive way
  2. C-redibility – in carrying out its treatment, care and sensitization functions with all Stakeholders in a professional, predictable and above reproach manner.
  3. A-ccountability – to all Funders and other stakeholders in order to strengthen confidence levels and thereby foster continued flow of resources.
  4. L-eadership – from the whole team based on participatory engagement of various levels of leadership underpinned by a robust top down & bottom up communication regime that values feedback as a means of learning from the past.
  5. E-mpathy–to be exhibitedin the execution of service across the value chain for sustained performance levels.
  6. T-eamwork – in accomplishing tasks and assignments in order to promote good attitude, skill & knowledge sharing, ownership and cohesion
Goals and Objectives
  1. To ensure that the populations know their HIV/AIDS status through VCT services
  2. To ensure unhindered community access to Adult & Pediatric ART Clinical services
  3. To eliminate mother to child transmission through provision of PMTCT services
  4. To ensure a mobilized and sensitized community
  5. To ensure continuous capacity improvement to community outreach counselors adherence buddies and community caregivers
  6. To ensure PLWHA nutritional support to COH clients
  7. To ensure strengthened Maternal Child Health(MCH) for the Clients
  8. To build COH institutional capacity through adequate staffing levels and training
  9. To ensure a robust response to the impact of TB and Malaria on PLWHA and communities.
Core activities
  1. To conduct Voluntary Counseling and Testing at Community and sector level
  2. To provide medical treatment and care to the infected and affected families
  3. To provide PMTCT and MNCH to the community
  4. To conduct Community Mobilization and Sensitization activities
  5. To conduct capacity training for Community counselors, adherence and caregivers
  6. To provide nutritional support to PLWHA through supplements and responsible living
  7. To provide MNCH services by scaling up services to include breast & cervical cancers, Antenatal , Male Circumcision and under five services
  8. To provide capacity development to staff through training and technical support from partners.